International Additional Freight Charges

International order reshipment instruction

Dear customers, if your package returned by the customs of your country, please confirm that the result has been signed in the United States, and please follow the instruction below to reship your package.
Please only pay after received our notification email, if we do not notify you, that means we have not received the return package yet

1. Log in to your account, find and record the original freight, your order number and your tracking number.

2. Please search "International Additional Freight Charges" in the search bar. The amount is $1.00, and adjust the amount to be paid according to the original freight. For example: your original shipping cost is $57.90, then you need to set 57 items of $1.00 in your shopping cart.

3. If you want to split the return order into multiple packages for shipment, you will need to pay an additional $35.00 for shipping for each additional package.

4. If you need to change the shipping address, please update the shipping address in the freight order.

5. Please fill in your order number and tracking number in the Remark column at the bottom of the Check out interface(important!or your order will be delay). If you need to split the package, you can indicate the number of packages that need to be split in this column.



1. 登陆您的账号,查找并记录此订单的原始运费及运单号码。

2. 请在搜索栏中搜索 International Additional Freight Charges 金额为 $1.00,按照原始运费调整需要支付的金额。例如:您的原始运费为 $57.90,则您需要在购物车中将 $1.00 的商品设置为57个。

3. 如果您希望将退运订单拆分为多个包裹装运,每增加一个包裹,您需要额外支付 $35.00 的运费。

4. 如需更换收货地址,请在补交运费订单中更新收货地址。

5. 请在结算界面最底部的Remark 栏目中填写您的原始运单号码(很重要!否则您的订单会被推迟处理)。如需拆分包裹,可将需要拆分包裹数量注明在该栏目中。

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